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Portable Lighting Studio

Portable Lighting Studio

Two Colored Backgrounds for Contrast The light Box is designed for easy set up, either table top or on the floor. The Light Box is made of a special woven, heat reistant nylon fiber mesh diffuser, which helps deliver uniform, illumination while eliminatin reflective glare and harsh shadows. The dual-sided background is made up of non-reflective polyester fabric. The Blue/Grey provides for contrast with either dark or light objects, as well as creates an infinite depth of field. Box Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 16 inches. 2 High Output Lights with Retractable Legs The Portable Lighting Studio comes with 2 high power 20 watt lamps which provide even color temperature and clarity. Each lamp is supported by retractable legs which allow for hand held use. Mini Tripod The Mini Tripod is the perfect compact tripod to catch all the angles with extension legs and tilt heads. Built In Carrying Case The Built in Carry Case is the perfect size to carry the lighting studio with you on the go. The durable nylon material case comes with three pockets to hold the loghts and tripod. It is lightweight and easy to carry It also has a carry handle to make it wasier for traveling. * Easy to set up * Includes two high outputs lights with retractable legs * Includes two colored backgrounds for contrast with either light or dark objects * Includes mini tripod * Nylon diffuser screen * Great for Online Auction * Ideal for: Jewelery, Electronics, Collectables, and More * Studio Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 16 in

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