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TomTom ONE 125, 3.5-Inch Portable GPS

TomTom ONE 125, 3.5-Inch Portable GPS

TomTom One 125 GPS Find your way to your destination with a handy companion by your side. Drive with the TomTom One 125 GPS and everything will be under control. Starting with TomTom’s distinctive design, it has a full-sized touchscreen and the power of GPS in a slim, lightweight device. Switch on and go right out of the box. The crystal-clear display, 3D graphics and turn-by-turn spoken instructions help you find your way to any address in the U.S. – all with just a few taps of the screen. Foldable EasyPort™ mount makes it easy to take it with you from car to car. TomTom also has the most accurate maps, and with TomTom Map Share™ technology, you can instantly modify street names, street direction, POIs, and more on your own device. And now, there are added safety features so you can easily access local emergency providers. Because battery life will last you up to 3 hours, you can make it to your next business meeting and back without worrying about being stuck on the road. But that’s not all. Check out the Daily Fuel Prices Optional Service when you’re running low on gas and you’ll quickly find the lowest priced gas station near you. The TomTom One 125 GPS simply won’t leave you stranded.

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